Morris Line Engineering UK

Our Values

We're dedicated to using our know how on engineering developments which advance prosperity & heath in infra-structure, NHS, construction & industry.

Our values reflect our values and how we do business.

  • People First

    We put safety, health and wellbeing first. We look out for each other. We treat everyone fairly and with respect. We value and grow our people.
  • Responsible

    We take responsibility for our actions.
    When problems arise, we try to sort them out quickly & transparently.
    We support our community and protect our environment.
  • Approachable

    We are open and straightforward to deal with. 
    We work collaboratively.
    We look for simple pragmatic solutions.
  • Sustainable

    We never compromise on safety or quality.
    We look for long term solutions.
    We value flexibility as much as strength.
  • Adaptive

    We know one size doesn't fit all.
    We know we can always do better.
    We listen to what others need and expect from us.