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British designed & manufactured air break disconnectors and switches offering a reliable, high quality solution for virtually any applications, backed up by lifelong support.


MLE’s world-renowned range of British-manufactured disconnectors and switches offers a reliable method of ensuring safe isolation of circuits which can be tailored to suit the needs of almost any client or project. MLE Disconnectors and switches have been supplied to over seventy countries around the world and are therefore proven to be suitable for use in the most severe climatic conditions, including those faced in coastal regions and areas with dramatic temperature differences, high risk of ice formation or strong seismic activity.

Main Features

All disconnector types can be fitted with fully rated, mechanically interlocked earth blades to either or both sides switches to ensure the safety of equipment and the personnel working on it. A wide variety of low and high-level manual and motorised operating mechanisms is available to ensure compatibility with requirements of almost any application.

Switching solutions are available at voltages up to 145kV, with configurations available to suit installation within sub-stations, on pole/structure-mounted overhead lines, and for bespoke indoor and outdoor applications. Contact assemblies are self-cleaning and machined from solid HDHC copper, ensuring that failure-prone laminations, flexible cables, and pantographs are not necessary.

Arc Quenching Options

Off load disconnectors can be fitted with arc quenching options such as vacuum interrupters, interrupter heads, arc chutes, or arcing horns to provide switching of loads, and with independent operation to assist with making on to faults. Similarly, all ranges can be combined with a variety of fuse arrangements to meet the requirements of most distribution systems. Please refer to the ‘Drop Out Fuses & Sectionalises  page for further details.

Trip All Phase

Furthermore, to overcome the problems associated with single phasing caused when only one fuse in a supply blows, a unique ‘Trip All Phase’ system is available where, in the event that one or more fuses blows, a spring-charged mechanism will open the switch and isolate all three phases

Maintenance Solutions

Long life, low maintenance solutions are available for any application, with lightweight configurations available to en-sure ease of handling and installation on overhead lines, and heavy-duty ranges lending themselves to critical substa-tion settings.

Fully Tested

All disconnectors and switches are fully type tested and are manufactured in strict adherence to internationally recognised and accredited best practice regarding quality assurance, environmental and health and safety from high quality, durable materials to provide decades of safe operation. 

A dedicated team of in-house design specialists continuously ensures that equipment is designed with reliability in mind, while also being as maintenance-free as possible. However, in the extremely unlikely event that it is required, life-time technical support and service is always available at short notice.

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