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Rail Technology

MLE’s high performance disconnectors, earthing switches and switches support the world’s most reliable electrified rail networks and are continuously enhanced

Vastly Experienced & a Global Reach

Morris Line Engineering has long been at the leading edge of the design and manufacture of disconnectors, earthing switches and switches for railway applications, where our equipment’s combination of quality, durability, reliability and after sales service is greatly valued. 

Within the home market, MLE is the preferred supplier of track switches, isolating links and fixed earthing devices to Network Rail who own and maintain most of the railway network infrastructure in Great Britain. Overseas we have worked with leading international EPC contractors on rail electrification projects in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea, Turkey, Zimbabwe, Canada, and Brazil.

In-House Research & Development

During this period, MLE has developed a range of manual and motorised high voltage and high current isolators fitted with polymeric or porcelain insulators. MLE is considered second to none when it comes to isolators for railway electrification. Tried and tested models have been enhanced by ongoing product development within our in-house Research & Development department and rigorously tested by world-renowned independent laboratories to the latest international standards.

Track Switches

Our range of 25kV track switches carries full product approval from Network Rail and is constantly expanding to meet the needs of the latest projects which produce new requirements which MLE continuously strives to satisfy based on decades of experience. 

Designed to comply BS EN 50152-2, our Vacuum Interrupter has been developed to cater for the requirement for cost-effective and reliable load breaking and short-circuit making of energised overhead lines. 

Used in conjunction with the MLE range of fully approved disconnectors it is the first of its kind to allow safe on-load operation of an outdoor structure mounted rotating track switch, thereby maintaining electrical clearances in congested overhead conductor systems while continuing to provide clearly visible indication of isolation and minimising disruption to the network. 

The Vacuum Interrupter allows track switches to operate when feeder circuit breakers are closed without the risk of damaging the disconnectors. Arc interruption is achieved by drawing the arc through a silicone moulded vacuum bottle which offers extremely high dielectric strength.

The interruption of current in this way is the ideal switching technology for the application and provides an environmentally friendly, low maintenance and long-life switching solution

Fixed Earthing Devices

Designed to be suitable for mounting on standard OLE support structures directly above the track, the type ‘FED’ fixed earthing device has been developed to cater for Network Rail’s latest requirements for fast and reliable section earthing of overhead lines. It is the first of its kind to allow earthing from a control box, rather than portable earth leads, thereby increasing safety while maximising productivity during trackside maintenance. 

Available in a variety of single pole and ganged multi-pole configurations to suit all portal and gantry structures, the FED can be operated either manually or by means of a purpose-designed motor mechanism which allows for remote operation driven by hard wired reliable relay logic and can accommodate specific electrical interlocking arrangements.

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