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Drop Out Fuses & Sectionalisers

MLE’s Range of British designed & manufactured drop out fuses and sectionalisers provides exceptional economic protection for networks andplants, accommodating fuses up to 46kV

Extensive Fuses & Sectionalisers Range

The primary purpose of any Fuse gear is to provide protection to the network and the various items of plant on the lines such as transformers and capacitor banks. Available in a wide variety of configurations, MLE’s range of drop out fuses and sectionalisers provides reliable protection from low-level overloads, intermediate faults, and very high faults, right up to the applicable maximum interrupting capacity.

Type ‘DOEF’ Drop-Out Expulsion Fuse

Type “DOEF” accommodates widely available NEMA dropout expulsion fuse links up to 46kV. In addition, the type “DOEF” offers a visual indicatoras to the status of operation and disconnection from supply and can also be used as a point of isolation. With the use of a fibreglass operating pole,drop out fuses can function much like a single pole overhead disconnector. A 200A solid link is also available for this purpose.

Type ‘DOPF’ Drop Out Power Fuse

Type “DOPF” functions in a similar way to the type “DOEF”, but accommodates a cartridge based current limiting fuse, rather than an expulsion fuse.

Trip All Phase Sectionalisers

Rated up to 15kV, “TAP” sectionalisers accommodate separately supplied Eaton Automatic Sectionalising Links. In the event of a fault which cannot be cleared, an ASL will swing down and automatically trip the remaining links to prevent single phasing

Other Fuse Arrangements & Fuse Mounts

As well as the arrangements listed above, several additional configurations are available to provide the correct circuit protection for most systems

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